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when you re-read a book and realize you skipped over an important sentence the first time you read it


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Percy Jackson According to Google (insp)

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A group called Connecticut Working Mom’s has put together an AMAZING photo spread called “Lets End The Mommy Wars”. The photo shoot was about embracing their different parenting choices.

“Let’s end the mommy wars, once and for all, by tapping into our compassion and letting go of our judgments. Cause seriously people, the world needs more love and less judgment.”

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More Love. Less Judgment.

This is important!

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“When you sense someone might be about to mug you, mug them first: Don’t be afraid to take action. If someone seems like they might be following you, pull a gun on that person and steal their valuables. This will send a clear message to the potential mugger and decrease your chances of getting mugged.”

Absolutely Everything You Need To Know To Avoid Being Mugged (via david)

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treat yourself like ed sheeran would treat you

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Nude Portraits series by photographer Trevor Christensen

This is my new favorite thing

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